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From our Australian family farm, Karma Rub is taken from the ground and is bottled as it comes to us, just as nature intended. In a sense Karma Rub is a concentrated pure Australian mineral springs liquid however, because it is so concentrated you don’t have to sit in the springs to be rejuvenated, four drops is enough to cover both hands.

We call it a liquid magnesium as it has a high percentage of magnesium within it and many trace elements including zinc, iron, copper & calcium that are excellent for the human condition.Karma Rub is a 100% Australian owned product that may assist with muscle recovery, repair and relaxation and may help to improve your body’s mineral health…and oh so much more!We are a family run business that totally believes in the benefits of Karma Rub. When we discovered the natural resource on our family lands, we tested the product to find out what it was and when the analysis stated it was full of naturally occurring magnesium and complimentary minerals, we started trying it out on family and friends. Word of mouth spread about how great Karma Rub is and that is what makes it such a popular product today.Karma Rub is literally, "A liquid magnesium for the skin that just keeps on giving".
Karma Rub USA uses Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium in its purest form. Each shipment of Liquid Magnesium is batch tested for quality assurance here in the United States and is then bottled by a certified manufacturer here in the United States.
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