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Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief


Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief Lotion offers a triple pain relieving combination of Lidocaine, Karma Rub Natural Liquid Magnesium and MSM in a rich luxurious unscented lotion. Absorb the benefits of the proven pain relieving benefits of Lidocaine, the calming effects of our naturally sourced Karma Rub mineral spring concentrate.  Our FDA registered lotion is rich in magnesium & other trace minerals and utilizes the unique synergistic benefits of MSM. As a topical, MSM, an organic sulfur with anti inflammatory properties, enhances cell membrane permeability and may facilitate more efficient uptake of the active pain relieving ingredients as well as improving the bodies mineral stores. For Fast Effective Pain Relief of Muscle Cramps, Muscle Aches & Pains, Joint Pain, Back & Neck Pain.  Also soothes post- workout muscle fatigue.  Many other painful conditions may also potentially benefit from regular use.